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Recorded at Angel Air, our recording studio inside The Angel Wing.

The Genesis of The Angel Cooperative®

"The Genesis"

genesis [jen-uh-sis] noun: an origin, creation, or beginning

It wasn't built in a day but pretty darn close! Hear how the The Angel Cooperative came to be with visionaries Christy and Laura with host Austin Davis. The Angel Cooperative is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The Angel Wing, A Divine Spiritual Center, is next door and is the home of Angel Air.

Some of the Videos Available on our YouTube Channel

In this episode of Your Spiritual Toolbox, Christy talks about shungite, a powerful healing stone first discovered in Karelia, Russia. She goes over different types of shungite and how to tell whether your shungite is real or fake. Check out this shungite tutorial to learn two easy ways you can test your shungite to find out if it is authentic.  Also, The Angel Cooperative, located in Ridgefield, CT, has the first and only shungite room in the USA! 

In this episode of Your Spiritual Toolbox, Christy shows us how to safely light incense and sage in order to clear out negative energy, create a calm environment, and set intentions for the day.   Filmed live at The Angel Cooperative.  Christy is the co-owner of The Angel Cooperative, a metaphysical boutique and crystal shop in Ridgefield, CT, which also has the first and only Shungite room in the USA!   Stay tuned for regular episodes of Your Spiritual Toolbox!

In this episode of Your Spiritual Toolbox, Christy talks about the Archangels associated with each of the 7 days of the week: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Haniel, & Cassiel. She gives us a description of each of these archangels, what they represent, their associated colors and crystals, and how we can work with them.  

In this episode of Your Spiritual Toolbox, Christy talks about how to make shungite water. Shungite is a powerful healing stone first discovered in Karelia, Russia. Putting it in your drinking water can provide many health and healing benefits. Check out this video if you want to know how to make and drink shungite water, including how much shungite water you can drink and what to do with your stones over time.   This episode was filmed on location at The Angel Cooperative.

How To Choose A Crystal: Quick & Basic Guide Erika describes how to choose a crystal.   Do some research into the properties and benefits of each crystal but first and foremost - trust your intuitive body and what naturally attracts your attention!

Reading Oracle Cards For Yourself: Quick and Basic Guide Erika explains how to read oracle cards for yourself! This Quick and Easy Guide was filmed at Angel Air.

Full Moon Rituals: Quick and Basic Guide Erika gives a quick rundown on how to do a full moon ritual.   What are you ready release in your life? What are you ready to call in?  Learn how to work with the natural cycles of the moon to utilize your own personal magic, set positive intentions, and create real changes in your life.

Carol Essig Singing Bowl Tutorial 

In this episode of Crystals & Stones Around The Zodiac, Kristie Molinaro goes over some of the crystals and stones recommended for Pisces. Learn why ruby in kyanite, labradorite, jade, blue lace agate, bloodstone, black tourmaline, amethyst, aquamarine, fluorite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise are some of the best stones for those born under the sign of Pisces. Kristie Molinaro is a psychic medium and healer available for readings at  The Angel Cooperative. 

On this episode of Numerology With Shannon, Shannon Marzella shares how to find your life path number. She also talks about how using numerology in your everyday life can give you insight into the future and can help move you into alignment with what is meant to happen for you. Watch this video for a quick introduction to numerology and  how to use it to your advantage.   And tune in EVERY MONDAY for a new episode of Numerology With Shannon!  

In Everyday Yoga, 200 Hour RYT Jen Pignone gives us an introduction to certain yoga poses and also shows us ways to bring yoga into our everyday lives. In this episode, she leads us in a short flow to open up the hips. This is good for anyone who carries a lot of tension in their hips and/or finds themselves sitting down a lot at a desk or in a car.  Filmed on location at The Angel Wing in Ridgefield, CT.   Stay tuned for regular episodes of Everyday Yoga where Jen will go over more basic poses,

Reiki: An Ancient Healing Modality Maria Davis, Reiki Master & Teacher talks about Reiki, the ancient healing modality reinvented by Dr. Usui. She discusses what is gained through each level of attunement: I, II, & III (Master Level) .

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