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Christy Kinsman Laura Freed Ancona

We  have been best friends for over a decade, affectionately calling each  other "soul sisters" long before we ever imagined just how far that divine connection would take us. We met through our mutual connection to  real estate.  Laura has been practicing real estate since 2004, and has been a top producing Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International  Realty since she joined the firm in 2007.  Laura has always attributed  her real estate success to her "secret weapon" Christy, who has been  providing staging and interior decorating services to Laura's clients  long before "staging" was even a well known term. Christy has been in retail for almost 15 years, owning The Little House Shoppe from 2011-17.  Her love of color and composition influences her design aesthetic and her stores. Together,  Christy and Laura have always instinctively known that to sell a home,  you need to create the right energy to draw the buyer in.  Christy has always  intuitively practiced the principles of feng shui to create the right  energetic balance in each space.  She has now taken this to a whole new  level to become fully certified in feng shui design in order to maximize  the benefits of this ancient practice for her clients.  Laura and  Christy continue to offer full real estate and staging services. Christy and Laura have created a store that embodies  positive energy and offers comprehensive merchandise which reflects that  mission. 

We are Purveyors of Positivity (POP) for the home, body, and soul.  POP in and see for yourselves!


Christy Kinsman

Christy Kinsman

Christy Kinsman is co-owner of The Angel Cooperative and an interior decorator specializing in paint plans, custom window treatments, reupholstery, full room design, and furniture sourcing.  Christy is pursuing a feng shui certification and has been featured on HGTV and HGTV.com. She is the Reader's Choice for Best Home Stager 2018 ( Ridgefield Magazine).  Christy holds a  Master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She is devoted to  her family, friends and community.   

Theresa Galuzksa

Theresa Galuzksa

Theresa is a 3rd generation Seer, Healer, Medium, and Clairvoyant.  She is a certified Reiki Master, CNA, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Seer, Clairvoyant and Medium Lightworker.  She has been trained in lightwork, mindfulness and compassionate care. Her mother was a British born Seer and Healer with gits of prophesy and healing.  Her paternal grandmother was born in Russia and read Tea Leaves and Tarot cards.  Theresa was raised understanding energy healing through the natural development of her intuition.  She was taught through dreamwork, empathy and compassionate responsibility for others and the world.  Theresa studied at The International Reiki Center in Sedona, AZ and has worked internationally teaching and reading.

Sue Baxter

Sue Baxter

Sue Baxter is a meditation instructor. “Meditation feeds my core so I can excel in the areas of competition and completion and, at the same time balance a full family life with love, laughter and compassion.” Sue has been trained in Spiritual Leadership and meditation: 2004-2005 training in an Ashram in up-state NY; 2005-2006 training with Insight Meditation, Mass.; 2007-2009 training in NYC with Living Meditation with David H Wagner; 2010  training in ayruvedic farm in Pune India; 2013 Silent retreat, Ganeshpuri, India; 2017 Leadership Training in Presence,  Eckhart Tolle. In addition to the events listed above, Sue has attended numerous retreats to include Menla Institute and Living Meditation in Puerto Rico. She guides many to have the same balance and career success that she enjoys.

Jennifer Ripa-Edson

Jennifer Ripa-Edson

Jen Ripa-Edson is a yoga and meditation teacher, life coach, energy  healer, essential oil educator, and artist. Jen will be offering 30  minute gong healings in the shungite room. The  gong has a beneficial effect on the human body because the sound waves  calm the nervous system and release stress at the cellular level. Also,  the complex patterns of the sound overlap and unfold in a way that is  neither logical nor predictable. Therefore, the mind has to surrender.  This allows participants to reach a space of “no-thought” or a  meditative state with ease. During her session with clients, Jen often  receives messages form angels and guides that help people to grow on  their spiritual path.  

Kim Scala

Kim Scala is a Master Manifester.  Kim has been on an amazing spiritual journey accompanied by some of the most enlightened people on the planet.  Kim uses subconscious stimulation techniques to help you awaken your true heart’s desire and to achieve your highest potential through energy, sound, reiki, channeling, crystals, and spirit guidance. Kim Scala is the owner of Focus plus Hypnosis and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. She is certified in Reiki 1 & 2 and Quantum Touch. Kim studied EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Peak Sports Performance with Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake of Perth Australia. She also has Mediumship and Tarot Reading Certification. Kim is a Graduate of UCONN and longtime resident of Ridgefield Connecticut.

Carol Essig

Carol Essig

Carol is a channel, sound healer, spiritual teacher, spiritual  counselor and vibrational conduit.  She connects to the higher realms  and frequencies.  She is multi-dimensional in her wisdom and has a clear  and direct channel.  Her approach is simple, but profound with a direct  path to the heart.  During her sessions she is able to transfer light  codes and channel the light and love frequencies of the higher  dimensions to entrain others to raise their own vibration. Carol has been professionally channeling since 2002.  She is known  both nationally and internationally.  She has  been counseling people in spiritual practices since 1985. She is a Master of Shamballa  Multidimensional Healing since 2000. She is a certified Sound Healer. www.magentaway.com

Deanne Mincer

Deanne Mincer

Deanne Mincer is a mystic, yoga and spiritual teacher, author of The 52: Discovering the True You in 52 Simple Lessons, and co-creator (along with Sacred Acoustics) of the cd, “Divine Love: a Unique Yoga Nidra Experience.” Deanne is also a facilitator for studies in A Course in Miracles, and the creator of Exploring the Afterlife, Book and Film Club.

Aggregata Zupanova

Aggregata  is a powerful healer connecting to Energy of the Divine as a pure  channel. While connecting to Divine source she transmits pure, deep  healing power to her client’s energy system through  the subtle body. Energy sessions with Aggregata allow clients to  experience release from any trapped negative imprints of past traumas to  optimize their health, harmony and happiness while creating higher  levels of energy, vibration and consciousness. Aggregata provides a relaxing,  transformational experience for clients that works on all levels of  your being. Her healing work is a “portal of grace” supporting others on  their journey to reconnect with their divine truth. 

Ping Xu Harbeant

Ping Xu Harbeant

Ping is a woman, a mother, a teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, a Gong master, a sound healer, a crystal jewelry designer and recording artist.  Her name, Ping, means peace, balance and harmony.  Ping believes that is her gift, and that is her life path to share.   

Dr. Anna Huff and Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo


 Dr. Anna Huff and Dr. Teresa Reyes  Castillo are licensed clinical psychologists in CT and NY. Their  therapeutic approach focuses on the integration and acceptance of all  aspects of oneself with the development of courage  to follow one’s own inner path. They utilize a psychodynamic approach  within treatment and work with adults and couples to facilitate insight  through self-exploration.  Learn more about Anna and Teresa at www.being-centered.com

Alison DeNicola

Alison DeNicola is a yoga and meditation teacher from the Kripalu tradition. She is a certified Five Element Yoga Teacher, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher, Aromayoga Teacher, has certifications in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga and is a Master IET Instructor working with angelic healing through the Center of Being. She is the author of Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body and Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements deck and book sets published by U.S. Games Systems Inc. as well as Yoga Dogs and Yoga Cats deck and book Sets published in 2017.Her newest deck Divine Feather Messenger is due later in 2018.

Her passion is to bring the energy of peace, healing and connection to all of those she meets on and off the mat

Mary Kearns

Mary began her yoga and meditation journey at age 11. Called to be a healer, Mary earned a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Fordham University, focusing on how bio-psycho-social factors influence healthy human development throughout the lifespan. She is a registered yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and has studied herbalism, shamanism, feng shui, mandalas for healing, West African dance, tai chi, and Past Life Regression.She is the author of “Growing Toward Balance: Achievable Ideas for Bringing Harmony to Your Mind, Body, and Spirit” 

and “It’s Your Time Now: What Will You Do With It?” 

Sue Broudy

Sue Broudy  is a singer songwriter, End-of-Life Doula and Reiki Master.   She has  produced two CDs, and a children’s book.  Sue received training with the  International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) and the Regional  Hospice and Palliative Care in Danbury, CT, and is certified as an  End-of-Life Doula.  Sue also received training with the Buddhist Clear  Light Society and the Bhakti Center in NY with their chaplain.  She was  recently showcased on WOSRadio.com as a female songwriter of substance.   suebroudy.com

Barbara Slaine

Barbara Slaine  is a Holistic Nutritionist, End-of-life Doula, Master Reiki  Practitioner and Synergistic Therapist.  Barbara been a life-long  student of spirit-mind-body therapies and has obtained certifications in  an array of holistic healing modalities.  She is the founder of the  Liphe Balance Center in Weston, CT, a community haven for assisting  people on their journey to wellbeing.   Ms. Slaine is also the founder  of MyHealingRooms.com. 

Tom Scally

tom scally

Throughout his career, Tom was exposed to  myriad programs involving executive coaching and personal growth.  Initially excited to learn and apply each of these frameworks and  tactics, Tom ultimately realized that none were generating the  long-term, sustainable change and growth that he and his colleagues were  seeking.   Tom’s decade-long search for sustainable change led him to  world-renowned sage Master Del Pe, who worked closely with Tom to help  him identify the 5 principles that underly all successful change. Tom now passes along these principles to executives through his speaking engagements and coaching programswww.tomscally.com

Ruby White

ruby white


Ruby White is a birth & postpartum doula (DTI), Reiki practitioner, Shamanic healer, singer songwriter, & old soul. From as early as 5 years old, she was aware of energy, but it wasn’t until much later that she understood the magnitude of her empathic nature. While studying film, she was faced with major life hardships, which triggered intense prophetic visions. Following in the footsteps of her ancestors, she became an apprentice of a master healer in New Milford. Ruby is skilled in energy extractions, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, journeying to communicate with Spirit Guides & more. Although she views herself as a medium for healing, she fiercely believes in her clients’ autonomy and intuition. In awe of the synergy & abundant love of the universe, Ruby is honored to hold sacred space, whether she’s welcoming new life into the world, energy healing, or simply being a shoulder for a stranger who’s had a bad day. www.rubywhitewellness.com

Lisa Barner

Lisa Barner

Lisa Barner is a soulful healer offering integrative energy work that blends modalities of Usui Reiki, shamanic tradition and her M.S. in counseling/trauma therapy. With a professional background in higher education and bereavement work, Lisa has taught collegiate courses and facilitated groups for hundreds of teens and young adults across NY + CT. She has presented to local graduate students and in corporate settings on the benefits of mindfulness and teaching meditation practices. She works privately with clients and hosts retreats as well. As an ordained minister with First Nation Church, Lisa presides as an officiant for wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, baptism + baby blessings and memorial/funerals.   

Her passion is helping others recognize their greatest potential and fullest existence for navigating the modern world-encouraging them toward divinely inspired lives with deep personal awareness. www.soulspeaklife.com

Alison Woods

Alison Woods' manuscript, New Forest,  was selected as the winner of The New Women’s Voice Award and published  by Finishing Line Press (2012). Her poetry has been published in  journals such as The Paris Review, The Connecticut River Review, The  Westchester Review, The Formalist, Chronogram, The Kean Review, The  National Poetry Review, Onthebus, Poetry Daily, Poetry East,  Rattapallax, Rattle, Salamander, Western Humanities Review and others.  She received her MFA in Poetry from Columbia University where she was  awarded a Harvey Baker Fellowship, has been nominated for a Pushcart  twice. and lives in Ridgefield, CT.